During the months of July-August 2005, the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Inc of USA was in Guyana coordinating a charity outreach programme to orphans on the Corentyne, Berbice. President of the New Jersey Mandir, Pandit Suresh Sugrim, coordinated the outreach programme on behalf of his Temple.

Working hand in hand with the local Arya Samaj organization in Berbice, the Berbice Central Arya Samaj (Regional branch of the Guyana Central Arya Samaj), they visited the Camal’s Home in Albion and the Canaan Orphanage in Port Mourant, Corentyne.

A feeding exercise was done for orphans of both institutions, as they spent time during an interactive session with the orphans. The session included singing with the kids, talking and socializing with them and teaching them to recite prayers. The sessions were conducted as a joint effort with both a Hindu and Christian Priest making contributions. Due to the enthusiasm showed by the orphans at the Camal’s Home, the Berbice Central Arya Samaj made plans to have twice monthly visits to the orphanage by a Hindu Priest to spend time with the orphans. The owner of the Camal’s Home remarked that the orphans welcomed interaction with members of the public and are happy whenever organizations visit them.

During the initial visit, Pandit Suresh Sugrim met with the orphanage officials and discussed future outreach programmes. Some requests were made for footwear for the students who would be beginning new school terms in September and also for Sewing Machines to start sewing classes for the orphans.

After discussions, Pt. Suresh Sugrim was able fulfill their requests. He secured further funding and purchased 50 pairs of footwear for the High School Students of both institutions. He was also instrumental in procuring donations of four sewing machines. Two sewing machines were presented to each orphanage so that their sewing classes can be started.

Encouraged by the response from the orphans, Pt. Suresh became determined that after he returns to the USA, his mandir would raise further funds so that on an annual basis the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir can make a difference in providing to the needs of these orphans.

Also, during his trip, Pt. Suresh visited the Guyana Central Arya Samaj Annual Youth Training Camp held at the No. 78 Village Arya Samaj Mandir. He made donations of a large quantity of T-shirts and Stationery supplies to the graduates of the camp.

Photos from the 2005 Outreach Programme

Orphans listening to lectures during interactive session with the Mission. Volunteers from the Berbice Central Arya Samaj assisted in the outreach.

Left – Members of Berbice Central Arya Samaj prepare meals for the children.
Right – Feeding Excercise for children at Orphanage.

Left – Distribution of footwear and schoolbags to the orphans.
Right – Pt. Suresh and Dr. Sugrim with children during interactive session.

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