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AUGUST 17, 2009

Gladys Madramootoo and her son David stand in front of the structure they home. The decision was taken when Head of the Mission, Pandit Suresh visited the woman and observed the conditions under which she lived with her 50-year old son, David Madramootoo, an employee of Freedom House of the People’s Progressive Party in New Amsterdam.
He explained that the building the family occupied was passed on from another generation and was unfit for human life. “I have never seen anyone living in that kind of a situation RELIANCE, EAST CANJE – Within 10 days, 76-year old Gladys Madramootoo of Lot 26 Reliance Settlement in East Canje will have a brand new home, compliments of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Inc. Humanitarian Mission.
Gladys Madramootoo could not hold back the tears when she heard the news. “I did not think God would come from Heaven and send an Angel to help us and take us out of this situation.”

The new two bedroom concrete home is expected to cost US$6000. The job would be executed by Memorex Construction Company, a subsidiary of AMACO Inc. in New Amsterdam, which would render its service free of cost. The Humanitarian Mission is providing all the necessary materials for the new structure. A. Ally and Sons in New Amsterdam contributed $50,000 towards the venture and M. Deonarine of Palmyra Village gave concrete blocks to the value of $30,000. Last week the Region Six Democratic Council cleared the plot of land of bushes in preparation for the demolition. The old structure comes down today.

The children on their outing.
The children on their outing.
Humanitarian Mission 2009 kicked off on Saturday August 1st. Application forms for areas in need were distributed to the four orphanages in East Berbice – the Alpha Home at Gay Park, Canaan Home at Port Mourant, Camal Home for the Homeless at Albion and the Anjuman Orphanage in New Amsterdam.

Last Monday, inmates of the Dharm Shala at Fort Canje were taken on a tour of New Amsterdam and its environs. Six senior citizens got makeovers, were treated to culinary delights, and given hygiene kits along with other tokens. The Mission also fêted 200 children from the four orphanages along with other underprivileged ones on Tuesday. Five-year old Khumesh Haracknarine of Number 79 Village, Corentyne, and 23-year old Haresh Pritipaul of Kilcoy on the Corentyne got a wheelchair each on Saturday.

Haresh Pritipaul was never able to walk. Anita Khan, mother of Khumesh Haracknarine, claimed that no doctor was able to tell her what exactly is wrong with him. The boy can see only shadows, say only two words – ‘Mum’ and ‘Boo’, and is unable to walk. The woman could not stop thanking the Humanitarian Mission for the gesture. “I am glad for the wheelchair and I want to thank them. I had to fetch him around all the time now he get a wheel chair and that is easier.”

Pandit Sugrim explained that the wheelchairs were acquired from the New Amsterdam Rotary Club. On Friday, new born baby kits were distributed to the maternity ward at the New Amsterdam Hospital. The Humanitarian Mission in Guyana commenced in 2005 in Berbice and has been held annually since. In 2007 the organisation expanded its service to include the entire Guyana. It is executed in collaboration with the Guyana Central Arya Samaj and the Berbice Central Arya Samaj. The Guyana Chapter is headed by Dr. Ramesh Sugrim of Williamsburg, while the Public Relations Officer is Magistrate Chandra Sohan and Pandit Kamal Dhanesar – Secretary.



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