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by Adrian Smith,
Georgetown, Guyana, September 2, 2006

Hundreds of persons from Regions Five and Six turned up at the Vedic Mandir in Port Mourant at a recent charitable exercise hosted by the Arya Samaj Mandir and its New Jersey chapter.

Several persons who received assistance told Stabroek News that the group helped them to fulfil urgent needs. Jennifer Henry, a single mother of five said the mandir gave her items that she values at more than $7,000. The woman said the donations came at the right time as school is about to reopen. Rawattie Hemraj of Port Mourant said that she was thankful for the assistance. The woman said her children are doing well at school and the items she received will ensure that nothing interferes with their progress.

Invitees at the handing over ceremony included Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Pandit Suresh N Sugrim, president of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Inc. Sugrim said the New Jersey chapter often collaborates with the Guyana Central Arya Samaj and the Berbice Central Arya Samaj in social, charitable and humanitarian work for less fortunate children. As they celebrate their second anniversary the pandit said they remain committed to enriching the lives of Guyanese children and look forward to citizens’ support. Items including school gear such as sneakers, school bags, books and other stationery and even a few bicycles were given to underprivileged families. Additionally six families were given $10,000 each in monetary assistance. Sugrim said the New Jersey chapter houses a secretariat at the Berbice location so families and children who are interested in benefiting from the mission can apply and, to date, about 1,000 applications have been considered and the most urgent items obtained. The group said the application process includes describing your family situation and listing your immediate needs.

Sugrim said the mission is in keeping with the Hindu teaching, Sewa or serving those in need and the words ‘Arya Samaj’ which mean noble society. As such devotees are encouraged to eradicate all bad habits and influences from their and the lives of their children. Of note was the number of applications by families with disabled children. This family displays the sneakers they received from the Arya Samaj at the outreach exercise held in Port Mourant.

He said the mission hopes to visit these homes to ascertain how to provide for specific needs. Sugrim also said the organisation hosted several fundraising activities in the USA earlier in the year to solicit funds to continue its Humanitarian Mission 2006. Of particular interest was a concert titled ‘Arya Swaranjali’ which featured bhajans, songs and Indian classical dancing.

Sugrim said this activity drew a large crowd, particularly from the Guyanese-American community. In keeping with this the Arya Samaj hopes to work closely with orphanages and other groups and to create a plan that would provide for their basic needs.

Plans are also in train to work with orphanages on the Corentyne coast and with groups from the West Coast Demerara and other areas.



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