New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Preparing For Humanitarian Mission To Guyana.

June 22, 2007

New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Inc. and its Humanitarian Mission in collaboration with the Guyana Central Arya Samaj, Berbice Central Arya Samaj, and other Hindu, Muslim, and non-governmental organization are getting ready for the 2007 charitable, social and humanitarian work in Guyana.

The Project is led by Pandit Suresh Sugrim, President of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Inc. Humanitarian Mission, to benefit the less fortunate children, children in orphanages ...

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Presenting the Honorable Minister with an Award With the Late Shri Prakash Gossai

Georgetown, GINA, June 29, 2007

President of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Pandit Suresh Sugrim, who recently came to Guyana on a humanitarian mission, presented a Certificate of Recognition to Prime Minister Samuel Hinds at his Kingston office today.

The certificate represented Government’s support to the Mandir’s humanitarian mission which is aimed at targeting underprivileged children in Guyana to equip them to regain moral education. Street and delinquent children ...

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Humanitarian Mission 2007 gets underway at Port Mourant

Monday July 16, 2007

GAY PARK, GREATER NEW AMSTERDAM – Humanitarian Mission 2007 got started last week with the Alpha Home at Gay Park, on the outskirts of New Amsterdam. The event saw representatives donating a quantity of items to various organisations.

The project is being conducted by the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Inc. in collaboration with the Guyana Central Arya Samaj and the Berbice Central Arya Samaj. Heading the venture is Pandit ...

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Hundreds ofchildren assisted

July 17, 2007
By Mark Ramotar

PRIME Minister Sam Hinds has lauded the valuable work done by the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Inc. Humanitarian Mission in helping “to lessen human suffering” in Guyana through its charitable work and donations to the needy and disabled.

Speaking at one of the Missions’ presentation exercise on Sunday at the Arya Samaj Mandir in Enmore, East Coast Demerara, the Prime Minister reflected on his association ...

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Arya Samaj mission extends outreach

Guyana, July 17, 2007

Pandit Suresh Sugrim with Malinda Manhorall and her two children. (Photo In article, top right.)

The New Jersey Arya Samaj Inc Humanitarian Mission (Guyana Chapter) is back again providing service to the needy and has extended its outreach to West Berbice, East Coast Demerara, West Coast Demerara, Georgetown, and Essequibo.

The mission has already carried out field activity through the Departments of Education in Regions Four and Six, ...

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N.J. Arya Samaj CD to boost charitable work

By Chamanlall Naipaul

Personal Assistant to President Bharrat Jagdeo, Pandit Shri Prakash Gossai, has put out a CD with a collection of bhajans (Hindu devotional songs) to help boost the charitable work of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Inc. Humanitarian Mission.

In a an interview with the Guyana Chronicle, Pandit Gossai said that the New Jersey organisation requested him to compile the CD, entitled “Bhikshaa ya daan”, which comprises ...

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Arya Samaj Continues Outreach

Guyana, July 23, 2007

NEW AMSTERDAM, BERBICE – Representatives of the Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission 2007 reached out to scores of less fortunate people in and out of Berbice. The group is headed by Pandit Suresh Sugrim of the New Jersey Arya Samaj.

During the week, a number of communities were served. On Monday, the group handed over a television set and a brush cutter to residents of the Dharm Shala at Fort Canje . ...

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August 17, 2007

From NJASM Humanitarian Mission To Guyana

New Jersey – The New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Inc. (NJAM) has just completed its third annual Humanitarian Mission to Guyana, reaching out to the less fortunate children, including those in orphanages, and needy seniors in that country.

According to Pandit Suresh Sugrim, President of the NJASM, over the past months, a number of “important events” took place, through the help and support of ...

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