Start of the Mission’s Activities Guyana Summer 2011

The time is here. I leave in a couple of hours to our beloved country, Guyana. This signals the start of a very busy summer for this Mission.  All of our planning, coordinating, and charitable activities lead up to this moment. This is the execution phase. If all goes well, we will put a smile on faces and ease the burden of pain and suffering at the cruel hands of ...

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New Jersey Arya Samaj Mission to continue outreach programmes in 2011

Saturday, 09 July 2011 15:59
THE NEW Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Humanitarian Mission is eagerly preparing for another year of outreach and charitable work here in Guyana, beginning with a month-long programme of activities which commences on July 15 and ends August 15, 2011. The following is a statement issued by the organization through which it attempts to give an account of its stewardship over the past seven years and a preview of its planned programme ...

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New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission willing to Assist the Daniel Dilchand Story


FOLLOWING the publication of Daniel Dilchand’s story in yesterday’s edition of the Guyana Chronicle, there have been some positive responses by persons willing to assist the paralysed teen.

Pandit Suresh Sugrim, of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Inc., Humanitarian Mission in the United States said that he is coming to Guyana on July 15, 2011, and would like to meet Daniel to make the necessary arrangements. Another person, ...

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Honoring Pandit Suresh Sugrim at the Guyana 45th Independence Anniversary in Brooklyn, NY

The Guyana Tri-State Alliance, in collaboration with The Consulate General of the Republic of Guyana, New York and the Permanent Mission of Guyana to the United Nations, celebrated Guyana’s 45th Independence anniversary on Wednesday, June 22 with a special evening and appreciation ceremony.
The event, dubbed “A Taste of Guyana”, was held at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, New York. 11201. USA.

Among the recipients of the special honor were ...

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Letter of Appreciation for Support at the Grand Boat Ride 6/12/11

Dear Friends of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Humanitarian Mission,

I really appreciate your attendance and participation in the Grand Boat Ride on board the Golden Sunshine fundraiser. You really did a wonderful thing for our children, seniors, abused women, men, and orphans who have been left behind due to the cruel hands of poverty in Guyana.

Your contribution meant that we can now make a positive impact in:...

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Kindly asking for your support with our Grand Fund-Raising Boat Ride on Sunday June 12, 2011.

Dear Friends of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir Humanitarian Mission

I trust that you are aware of the humble and generous functions performed in your name by the NJASMHM in Guyana since 2005. It is with the generosity and kindness of the gracious Guyanese American and other communities that these very noble tasks are made possible. In your name with blessings and charitable giving we have made a difference in ...

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