Justice, mercy and compassion mortgaged

By admin / Posted on 31 October 2010

Wednesday, 06 October 2010 03:01
Written By: Parvati-Edwards Persaud

– And mother’s love on the auction block
“Neesa used to tell us a lot of things about how horrible a life she was living…She told friends, she told teachers, she told everybody…” Then, subsequently, a straight-A student attending the premier high school in the country dropped out of the radar of academia, and no-one except her friends – all voiceless juveniles like her, was concerned.

What kind of teachers would ignore a child’s pleas for help; what kind of teachers would not explore the reason for retrogression in a brilliant child’s scholastic performance? And worse, being cognizant of the child’s situation, with physical evidence of battery evident, what kind of teacher would completely disregard that child’s non-attendance at school, especially when that child has become incommunicado, even by telephone?

The kind of teacher who would refuse the request of the child’s schoolmates for expression of sympathy to be shown by the school and say that they “…want nothing to do with the incident.”
The kind of adults in the administrative construct of the school who considers that Neesa Lalita Gopaul’s tragic life after her father’s passing and her brutal murder at the hands of persons, one of whom she should have trusted above all others, has disgraced the school’s “good name”. What messages are these adults, who are supposed to be responsible persons tasked with moulding the minds of the nation’s young people, sending the young children under their care?

That Justice, mercy, and compassion are mortgaged to expediency and a “good name”, even if that “good name” is duplicitous and covers a multitude of sins and wrongdoings. The system is failing the vulnerable in society. Police took a report made by a minor, of her being forcibly drugged, sexually molested, and abused in many other ways. Tests proved that the child had one of the worst and most addictive drugs in her system. Obviously that child was under coercive influences and when she was forced to retract her report then, being a minor, that retraction should have been viewed with suspicion and investigations mounted into the circumstances of her situation.

As in many instances, this neglect by persons sworn “to protect and serve” vulnerable persons in the society has resulted in the death of a very innocent and helpless young girl, who was subjected to the most bestial treatment, until she was finally and brutally killed, which may have been merciful for her, because no-one cared enough to rescue her from her life in a man (and woman)-made hell. All the laws passed, all the institutions established, all the fancy, well-furnished and equipped offices constructed cannot disguise the fact that many of the initiatives programmed to address pertinent issues relative to the vulnerable and helpless in society, especially the children, are talk shops where NGOs are established to access funding grants, then diverted into private usage to facilitate enhanced individual lifestyles; and social platforms for officials who use the systems to enhance their public images and personal lifestyles, where their physical appearances and social status reign paramount and supersede their mandate and responsibilities, causing many of society’s poor and helpless people to fall through the cracks.

Everyone knows everybody’s business in rural communities, so the licentious life of a young wife, whom we will call Nadia, who had a reputation for partying and cheating on her much-older husband would have been known to a ruthless man and his wife who coveted the property of Nadia’s husband, and one can only visualize the avaricious couple strategizing on how to dispose of the husband, then control the woman to gain access to her inherited property. The only fly in the ointment was that the property had not been left to the hypothetical Nadia, but to her minor daughters, so those daughters had to be gotten rid of so that Nadia could consequently inherit, with the covetous duo ultimately acceding to everything. After subjecting the elder daughter to a life of unimaginable hell and taking her out of public scrutiny, she was finally eliminated out of the equation, and it was only a matter of time before the other daughter would have become the target of the unholy trio. A mother put her love on the auction block and her child’s life became forfeit.
Having failed Neesa in life, would the system again fail her now that she is dead?

The relatives who did not care enough and had refused to rescue the helpless and hapless young Neesa from her hellish life, even after she had told them about her terrible ordeals and had begged them to take her, would most likely volunteer to take care of her five-year-old sister.
After all, this child is a minor and there is still much property at stake; and in today’s world justice, mercy and compassion – even love, is often mortgaged to avariciousness.



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