NJASHM donates 1,500 religious CDs free to Hindus

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Monday, 05 September 2011 02:34

THE New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission (NJASHM) has donated over 1,500 CDs containing the 18 chapters of the entire Bhagwat Geeta in English to representatives of several Hindu Mandirs in Berbice and other regions last Monday. The CDs have been compiled and interpreted by Swami Adgadadanandji of India and

Pandit Sugrim with some of the recipients of the CDs

were shipped directly from India to Guyana for free distribution, and seeks to use a more modern way to enlighten Hindus about their Holy Scriptures. According to president of the organisation, Pandit Suresh Sugrim, he fought on the ground of an educational empowerment programme.
“Many brothers and sisters tend to sell things as we go along the journey of life, and Christianity and Islam have the resources to donate the materials free of costs. But as far as Hindus[are concerned], we haven’t found the mechanism of donating our materials free of cost, so what we’re doing here, we are donating the CD which is an mp3 file…and people can take it and understand about the value of the Bhagwat Geeta,” Pandit Sugrim said

He expressed the hope that the gesture will impact the recipients in that they would take the time to read “and make them better Hindus” and for other denominations who have listened to it. “They will[be] able to understand the value of what the Geeta has to offer from a very religious point of view that where you and I can be able to respect each others’ religion”, he stated.

He said that the donations to the mandirs will empower young people especially since the state of some Indian people leave much to be desired in Guyana at this time. “I know there is a big lapse in this community where the vulgarity of our Indian people is surpluses and I have travelled across this country and I have seen the state of our Indian Hindus in this country, [in] that the vulgarity is to the max. When you go to these social events, I see these 12 and 13- year olds have two beer bottles sacking it down their throats. And I will probably say that 98 per cent is our Hindu brothers and sisters that are supporting these social events, 2 per cent will be Christians and those 2 per cent are those ones who are not upholding the teachings of the Bible, and 2 per cent are Islam….so I am hoping and praying that those Hindu children would listen to this and they would implement some of these teachings in their daily lives to make a difference”, he said.

The representatives of the mandirs expressed gratitude to Pandit Sugrim for the CDs and said that they would be shared with members. He warned the mandirs not to sell the CDs because they are strictly not for sale. “Don’t sell the merchandise. You will hurt us and the Swami who has donated the CDs free of cost. Keep this in mind, if any Hindu tends to burn this and sell it, it is a shame on the mandirs”, he posited.

One of the representative said that the CDs will help especially with the pronunciations that usually pose a challenge to the young people when reading the Geeta.

Susannah, #2 Arya Samaj, Cumberland, Gangaram, New Forest, Palmyra, Banana Land, #19, Black Bush, Edinburgh were some of the mandirs that benefited from the gesture. Some Christian organisations also benefited from the hand- out.

Pandit Suresh Sugrim, President of the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humaitarian Mission and  Mr. Avinash Persaud, President of the Guyana Chapter and the entire Hindu community sincerely thank the donors for their contributions towards our Hindu brothers and sisters in Guyana and are looking forward to their continued support



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