Pandit Sugrim wants stiffer penalties for sex offenders

Pandit Sugrim wants stiffer penalties for sex offenders

February 12, 2012 By


There is a call for even stiffer penalties for sex offenders, especially crimes committed against young children while bail should be removed as an option.


This rally cry is being made by the New Jersey Arya Samaj Humanitarian Mission through its representative Pandit Suresh Sugrim, who has returned to Guyana on a mission to whip up strong support for advocacy to have laws tightened, make penalties more severe and raise awareness of this emerging problem.


Speaking to  Guyana Times, Sugrim said his organisation has declared war against this sinful act and is spreading the message for all Guyanese  local and in the diaspora to debunk and condemn such conduct and behavior at all levels of society. Sugrim disclosed that the social network, Facebook has really given much publicity to the issues in Guyana, allowing the diaspora to interact on issues affecting people back home. He noted the recent emergence of sexual abuses of heinous proportions is a major topic for discussion on the network among Guyanese, and he has come home with his heart purposed on putting up more barriers against the scourge.


‘Guyanese around the globe are very disturbed over what is happening at home… within the past couple months, I can refer to a five-year-old that was raped and a seven-year-old that was raped…”


A worked up Sugrim stated that he is not pointing fingers but is here to call on religious leaders across the religious spectrum to rally behind his organisation to aid national efforts to address the scourge.


‘It’s not fair for the victims and their families… a child deserves to be loved and a child deserves to be cared for… a child doesn’t deserve to be sexually molested, and as parents, you think about your nine-year, seven-year and five-year being molested… how would you feel if your child has or family becomes a victim.”


On Wednesday, the mission is hosting a candle light inter-faith prayer service to ask for healing of scars suffered by victims of sexually motivated crime. The event is set to involve participants from all spheres of society, including the police, policy makers, religious bodies, NGOs, business community and the Berbice community by extension.


“We‘re coming together to support the government… that this would no longer be tolerated in our society… we need to start nurture our communities because they belong to us… there is an old African saying that ‘its takes an entire village to raise a child’, and when the child is scarred with impressions  for the rest of her life… how do we fix that scar?… it something that we need to put a stop to immediately… we need to be our brothers  keeper… society has changed for the worse”.


The next step is to have proposals prepared and presented to the Home Affairs Ministry after consultations with other religious bodies, NGOs and relevant agencies on the way forward to curb this problem.


Sugrim said this issue is not unique to Guyana, but Guyanese abroad are very concerned about what is transpiring at home.
The inter-faith prayer is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15 on the tarmac of Spready’s Bakery, Port Mourant. The service commences at 18:00hrs.


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