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Georgetown, Guyana, September 2, 2006

The New Jersey Arya Samaj, in the United States, collaborating with its national and regional arms in Guyana, last weekend continued its Berbice humanitarian programme by distributing largess to hundreds of beneficiaries. The Sunday distribution, of mostly school supplies, bicycles and money, was done at the Port Mourant, Corentyne mandir, in the presence of Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, among others.

In brief remarks, Mr Hinds encouraged the recipients, particularly those entering secondary schools, to pursue courses that would qualify them to study medicine through scholarship awards. President of the overseas-based benefactor group, Pandit Suresh Sugrim said the things distributed were acquired as a result of several massive fund-raising activities between February and June, in continuation of an effort started in 2005.

He said they also received donations from charitable organisations and individuals in North America and staged an evening concert at which bhajans and other songs were sung and Indian classical dancing performed.

Explaining how persons came to benefit, Sugrim said, earlier this year, they sent forms on which applicants for assistance were asked to document information on their respective parents’ backgrounds.

In cases where some were illiterate, members of the local chapter were requested to help and the response was overwhelming, he reported.

Sugrim said, consequently, the screening process was abandoned and all who applied were given bicycles, bags, books and more items.

In addition, six persons each got $10,000, taken from the interest accumulated on a fund held by the local chapter for the purpose of helping underprivileged children, he stated.

One of those who got the money, 78-year-old pensioner Dhanthata Nankau cares for two granddaughters who became orphans on the death of their parents. The septuagenarian said she was grateful for the aid as she is often forced to beg, because she can ill afford much for the children with her small pension. However, knowing the value of it, she is seeking to ensure the sisters get an education, Nankau said.

On Saturday, the religious grouping extended its outreeach to Canaan Children’s Home and Camal International Home for Battered Women and Children, situated at Port Mourant and Kilcoy, respectively, at Corentyne, too.

Canaan received 24 school bags, two bicycles, cooking utensils, cleansing agents, 27 pairs of footwear, mattresses and bed sheets, as well. Camal benefited similarly and was also in receipt of a double door refrigerator, three double bunk beds and a chest-of-drawers. In addition, the girls’ and boys’ bedrooms were repainted.

Following a report that sewing machines donated last year were kept in a locked storeroom, Sugrim warned caregivers at both hospices that, should the Arya Samaj be informed the children were not benefitting from the donations, future contributions would be jeopardised.



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